Mr.Jenkins Services

Mr Jenkins is a vintage caravan bar for hire, who serves wine and drinks at weddings and other celebrations or events.

Mr Jenkins has charm that will provide that extra special pizzaz to make your event something to remember.

Mr Jenkins includes two professional bar staff to make the service a seamless and a fun experience.

Mr Jenkins loves to work with our clients. He understands their needs are different and wants to deliver a service that will help make your event the most amazing day possible.

Common Questions​

Does Mr Jenkins sell alcohol?
No, Mr Jenkins just serves the supplied alcohol.

Alcohol is to be provided by the event organizer or third party. 

Does Mr Jenkins have staff to serve the alchol?
Yes, the usual package we arrange includes two professional bar staff.

How Long can I hire Mr Jenkins for?
The standard time we hire Mr.Jenkins for is 5 hours. If you have an event which requires more or substantially less time we can work out a custom arrangement to suit.

What areas do you service?
We are based in Brisbane. We service Byron Bay to the Sunshine Coast. If you are outside of this area we can work out a transportation fee.

What items, accessories or decorations are includes when hiring Mr Jenkins?
We provide a range of accessories and items, all included in the price these are :

How much does mr Jenkins  cost to Hire?

We have found all the events are so different there is no one fixed price.

Email us at and we can work out a price that works for you.